Master Private Label Podcast

Master Private Label Podcast

Hosted by: Patrick K Kinkade

Learn how to become a master at private label selling on Amazon amidst millions of other sellers, and amidst the fastest growing commerce era in history.


#12: Transitioning To Master a New Month, Quarter or Year

Season #1 Episode #12

In this episode, Patrick shares a 7 step process for looking back on a time just gone by (like at the end of your year, for instance) and mining all the gold nuggets to take with you into your future, and leaving that...
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#11: Pressing On Through Difficult Days

Season #1 Episode #11

Despite many days going good as we aim high, constantly reaching for our goals, we are going to have some moments and perhaps entire days when we feel off.  Patrick shares his story of one such day, and how he got...
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#10: Expand Your Amazon Product Research with Social Media & Other Sales Channels

Season #1 Episode #10

Following a prior discussion on using the Amazon platform to find ideas, today Patrick will be unveiling super-cool avenues for product hunting.  He'll discuss how to use social media and other sales channels to find...
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#9: Using Amazon to Drill Down on Product Ideas

Season #1 Episode #9

This episode is a must-listen for any Amazon Entrepreneur looking to crush it with their product ideas.  No matter if you are using these techniques to find new ideas, or confirming ideas from some other platform, you...
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#8: Discover a Niche to Build Your Amazon Brand Around.

Season #1 Episode #8

Why not sell something you are passionate about, or at least something you have some experience with or knowledge of?  You will sell more, and you won't grow tired of selling your products quite as fast.  Today on the...
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#7: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS Before Your Hunt for Your Next Winning Product Begins.

Season #1 Episode #7

Today on the show we discuss the 3rd and final part of the Plan phase of Product Research -  Knowing your Numbers.  This concept is one of the most critical questions that every entrepreneur business owner needs to be...
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#6: Choosing the Best Private Label Product Type for Maximum Success

Season #1 Episode #6

We cannot really dive into product reSEARCH without first determining what type of Private Label(PL) product we want to aim for developing.  In today's episode, Patrick explains what a PL product is, and breaks down...
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#5: Amazon Product Research - Building a Brand or Selling One-Off Products.

Season #1 Episode #5

This episode kicks off a series on Amazon Product Research by introducing everyone to an amazon-age-old debate:  Should I build a niche-centered brand, or just sell one-off products? 
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#4: Avoid Boredom and Explore Your Passions Via Your Amazon Business

Season #1 Episode #4

Today on the show, Patrick shares his wife's amazing discovery that as an Amazon seller, we get to not only be our own boss, with virtually unlimited potential for earnings and success, but we can also explore our...
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#3: Avoiding Perfectionism, the Silent Dream Killer

Season #1 Episode #3

Learning to take imperfect action is exactly what you need to get started, no matter how small or large your goals are.  Get invited into the most "perfect" example of this idea in action today as Patrick shares a...
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#2: Reaching Your Entrepreneurial Goals by Avoiding Unwanted Distractions

Season #1 Episode #2

Election Day 2020 had a lot of buildup amidst a volatile year, to say the least.  Are their external distractions that are volatile and harmful to your dreams and goals coming true?  How is your Amazon business...
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#1: Why I Coach Amazon Private Label Sellers to Thrive as Entrepreneurs

Season #1 Episode #1

I kick off the Master Private Label Podcast by bringing you back to how I got my start on Amazon, what led up to my wanting to learn FBA and why the hell I love to coach in the first place. Tune in and you may perhaps...
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