Master Private Label Podcast

Master Private Label Podcast

Hosted by: Patrick K Kinkade

Learn how to become a master at private label selling on Amazon amidst millions of other sellers, and amidst the fastest growing commerce era in history. Support this podcast:...


#36: Building Your Brand of Products for Your Customers - Kyle Anderson, Profitable Product

Season #1

  Assume I'm a new seller on Amazon - can I win just selling random stuff?  Or do I need to be more focused?   Patrick welcomes Kyle Anderson from Profitable Product to discuss that and more on today's show.   As 2...
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#31: How To Carry Out Good Keyword Research for Great Sales Results

Season #1 Episode #31

Join Patrick Today as he discusses one of the most underlooked ways that Amazon sellers can either make, or break their product sales and momentum- Keywords! DOWNLOAD my FREE Six-Figure Amazon Product Research Guide...
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#30: How Much Cash Will You Need to Get Your Amazon Business Started?

Season #1 Episode #30

During today's show, Patrick will answer the #1 question he gets most often from starting Amazon sellers... How Much Cash Do I Need to Private Label my first product?   The answer has been a moving target through the...
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#28: 3 Tactics for Proving Which Product Differentiation Will Likely Sell

Season #1 Episode #28

Patrick from Master Private Label shares 3 places to get “approval” of any differentiation that you are considering on a new product. It’s better to know BEFORE you pull the trigger (and spend all that Seller time and...
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#27: Persistency - the SUPERpower of Every Successful Entrepreneur

Season #1 Episode #27

If there is one common skill or quality that EVERY successful entrepreneur practices unwavering, it would be PERSISTENCY.  If we give up, we're out of the game!   Today on the program, Patrick realizes (and shares...
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#26: So You Received Your 1st Negative Review...Now What?

Season #1 Episode #26

Patrick helps any of us on the program today that have received that 1st negative review on a product (which virtually includes every single one of us.) He'll help relieve you of that panic feeling, and give you some...
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#25: Two Surefire Steps to Help You AVOID Crippling OVERWHELM

Season #1 Episode #25

On today's program, Patrick will be sharing his recent battle with a dilemma that many of us in the entrepreneurial world face constantly - a feeling of OVERWHELM. Stop allowing your lack of focus and sporadic...
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#24: Focus on Your 3 M's Every Day for Mega Success - Mindset, Map & Muscle

Season #1 Episode #24

Every success I have witnessed in my clients' businesses, and my own businesses, have included one's embracing of what I call the 3 M's on a daily basis. Mindset. Map. Muscle. To explain this idea further, please...
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#23: 3 Tools to Create and Manage Your Amazon Ad Campaigns

Season #1 Episode #23

No matter your budget or the amount of time and energy you want to spend on managing your Amazon PPC, we have a strategy for you.   When coaching my clients on the infamously difficult and perhaps most important thing...
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#22: Don't Let Isolation Mess With Your Entrepreneurial Superpowers

Season #1 Episode #22

We've all fell prey to it at some points along the way - isolation.  Getting stuck in our own heads can not only let all the wrong voices start to run the show, but it can seriously put a damper on what would...
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#21: 7 Secrets to Accelerate Finding a Winning Product on Amazon in 2021

Season #1 Episode #21

Today on the show, Patrick breaks down his hard-earned blueprint of Accelerated Amazon Product Research, and more specifically, 7 Secrets to rise above the pack and meet your goals as a seller.  This will give you a...
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#20: I'm Super Pumped!

Season #1 Episode #20

Today's show, being the 20th episode of Master Private Label podcast, is going to be a little different.  Rather then discuss some particular of Amazon selling, Patrick will be sharing his excitement of recent events...
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