Master Private Label Podcast

Master Private Label Podcast

Hosted by: Patrick K Kinkade

Learn how to become a master at private label selling on Amazon amidst millions of other sellers, and amidst the fastest growing commerce era in history. Support this podcast:...


#20: I'm Super Pumped!

Season #1 Episode #20

Today's show, being the 20th episode of Master Private Label podcast, is going to be a little different.  Rather then discuss some particular of Amazon selling, Patrick will be sharing his excitement of recent events...
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#19: Keywords - Quite Possibly the Single Most Important Thing to Understand on Amazon

Season #1 Episode #19

Having completed keyword research on nearly 1,000 products, Patrick has determined that without a thorough understanding of this one concept, success will allude even the best of product sellers. Join us as Patrick...
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#18: Sometimes You Just Gotta Pivot Midstream

Season #1 Episode #18

It is very important to continuously evaluate our progress when it comes to how well (or not well) we are meeting our goals.  If executed regularly, evaluation and then subsequent action following that evaluation can...
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#17: How To Earn $24,700 More Profit On Amazon

Season #1 Episode #17

Patrick takes us on a journey of numbers today. He breaks down each dollar you will earn extra when launching a niche brand in 1 market versus launching each product in any given year in different niche markets. ---...
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#16: Willingness - Your Success Will Fade Away Without It

Season #1 Episode #16

Being willing to have willingness is all that is required of you - IF you want to become and remain a successful owner of your own business.   Patrick shares how he came to understand and embrace his willingness for...
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#15: Using Helium10 BlackBox to Find Profitable Product Ideas

Season #1 Episode #15

Join Patrick for a deep dive into the range of 5 different ways to search for product/niche ideas using Helium10 Black Box.   Whether you are building a new brand of niche-centered products, or you already have a...
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#14: Keeping Track of Your Crucial Amazon Seller Data

Season #1 Episode #14

In order for any Amazon Seller to succeed year over year, the retrieval, storage and analysis of your Amazon data become crucial steps in the process of selling on Amazon.  Today on the program Patrick will quickly...
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#13: Using Helium10 Black Box, Safely, to Expand Your Amazon Product Research

Season #1 Episode #13

Today on the program, Patrick takes us on a journey through his real-world experience with some of the Amazon product research tools that are available to Sellers.  More specifically, he'll be sharing how best to use...
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#12: Transitioning To Master a New Month, Quarter or Year

Season #1 Episode #12

In this episode, Patrick shares a 7 step process for looking back on a time just gone by (like at the end of your year, for instance) and mining all the gold nuggets to take with you into your future, and leaving that...
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#11: Pressing On Through Difficult Days

Season #1 Episode #11

Despite many days going good as we aim high, constantly reaching for our goals, we are going to have some moments and perhaps entire days when we feel off.  Patrick shares his story of one such day, and how he got...
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#10: Expand Your Amazon Product Research with Social Media & Other Sales Channels

Season #1 Episode #10

Following a prior discussion on using the Amazon platform to find ideas, today Patrick will be unveiling super-cool avenues for product hunting.  He'll discuss how to use social media and other sales channels to find...
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#9: Using Amazon to Drill Down on Product Ideas

Season #1 Episode #9

This episode is a must-listen for any Amazon Entrepreneur looking to crush it with their product ideas.  No matter if you are using these techniques to find new ideas, or confirming ideas from some other platform, you...
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