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Looking for handholiding every step of the way through your Amazon selling journey?  How about an Elite 1-on-1 coaching program at a doable price?

Look no further - Patrick has been guiding sellers through the process, week after week, day after day since 2016 with so many success stories.

If you are looking for extremely detailed help with your Amazon business, then you'll want to pick up on Patrick's MMM strategy to transforming into an Amazon Sellerpreneur:




He incorporates these crucial 3 components into everything he teaches, and we mean EVERYTHING. 

This advanced coaching program will walk you through EVERY step from planning, to launch and scaling your business for years to come. 

What are you waiting for? 

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Product Discovery Formula

Order now and you can finally nail down your seller goals, and then lay out a plan of attack so that your Amazon business helps you and your family live your DREAM LIFESTYLE, while impacting the planet in a positive way at the same time.

In this training, we will be going through 4 foundational steps to DISCOVERING your first WINNING PRODUCTS to sell for MASSIVE PROFITS on Amazon.

Those 4 steps are broken into 4 modules in this course:

  1. Seller Goals Blueprint
  2. Knowing What to Look For
  3. Product Numbers the Easy Way
  4. Discover your first winning product with MPL's Proven Amazon Product Research System

My name is Patrick Kinkade and I am a serial entrepreneur, a seasoned professional Amazon Sellerpreneur, and above all, a family man. 

I developed this course after years and years of my own successes and failures in my own Amazon business, as well as those of 100s of my Amazon coaching clients. It’s been my experience that many sellers don't have a plan when it comes to how to take on their product research.

They lack a roadmap - a formula if you will.

There are sooo many services out there that will find a product idea for you. Or, you can find a million-and-one trainings (this being one of them) to tell you how to find ideas yourself.

  • But which option is right for you and your specific situation?
  • What does it mean to find the best product for you?
  • How much should you be spending?
  • What kind of product would be the best choice for your given set of goals and circumstances?

Despite so many gurus and researchers out there promising THE best product ideas, most all of them never stop and consider what the best product idea for you should be.

Isn't it time for you to find the best product(s) possible so that you and your family can finally pursue what's important to you? 

Let this course transform your Mindset, provide the right Map, and help you build your Muscle so that you can CRUSH IT with your Amazon business!

Onward and Upward....